Use the Changemaker Test to Learn 10 of Your Personality Labels

Quotation I use for Changemaker-

“It is the courage to be open and loving which is the manifestation of underlying strength and power. And it is only in embracing the possibility that you have a Higher Self that knows how to love, that knows truth within, that is truly powerful, that you can begin to face and dismantle the false beliefs of the protected self, the ego. You can’t begin to look at these and deal with them if you don’t believe there’s anything else. You can never move into the feeling of personal power until you recognize truly that there’s a peaceful place within you that is already there, that doesn’t have to be fixed.”    Jordan and Margaret Paul

The Changemaker Test:

I wrote this test in 1992 and it will give you or anyone 10 of your personality labels. It includes labels from NLP (neurolinquistic programming, birth order, family roles, emotional energies, and MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator).

Changemaker Test, Answer Sheet, and List of Answers

Changemaker Test Explanations


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