Codependency is About Not Having a Loving Relationship With Yourself

Emotional Sobriety: Mind, Body, & Soul

10855876226_d6706e5ede_z“We need to accept that in the end it is not our parents or God who have abandoned us; we have abandoned ourselves.” Philip Oliver-Diaz and Patricia 0′German

Everyone is codependent sometimes. When we care more about what someone else thinks of us, we lose our connection with self. When we lose that connection with ourselves, we can believe that this is “caring” or “loving” someone. But it really is called dissociation. Dissociation is a learned response to anything we view as trauma. We need to learn what it is and what it feels like in order to stop using it. We learned it as a child as a defense mechanism to not feel unpleasant thoughts. We don’t need it as an adult.

I believe the most bewildering experience I’ve ever had was being emotionally deserted by both my parents from time to time. I grew up in a family with a…

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