Specific Steps to Overcoming Your Codependent Habits

Emotional Sobriety: Mind, Body, & Soul

613445810_2249c2d193_zCompassion is the basic learning needed to help others. When you can see and feel the pain others are feeling, you can begin to build a bridge of understanding.

1. What specifically can you do to be free from your codependency? from codependencyinfo.blogspot.com

Hello! A while ago I got a question from a blog-reader on what specifically to do to be free from the codependency. Good question! There is no straight answer. But I’m going to go on and type out some tips here:

Getting rid of your codependency is a process. It is personal development. That’s why it can take time. You can fall back into old behaviors sometimes, and you have to start over again. It can come back slowly or unexpectedly, and then you have to deal with it all over again.

Firstly, what codependent behaviors have you developed? In this post is a long list of…

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