About Codependency Recovery


I believe the main problem in all relationships is sharing the power in the relationship. When I am with someone I trust and adore, there is no conflict. No boss—no struggle—no control.

Codependency recovery basics are: having healthy boundaries, learning assertiveness, identifying your core issue, finding out what hooks you, knowing that caretaking is a control issue, developing compassionate detachment, adding self nurturing activities, using relaxation techniques, developing mindfulness techniques to live in the moment, and identifying your triggers.

For over 30 years, I have had a passion to share the therapy world with readers. It started with a personality test I created in 1990 that includes NLP, Myers-Briggs, birth order, emotional energy use, and family roles. It will teach each reader 10 of his/her personality labels. It is the Changemaker Test and is on my blog, Learning Your Labels. Changemaker is the name I chose for my company.

Changemaker is committed to the basic belief that each person has the opportunity for self-discovery and the potential for self-healing. As individuals, we sometimes choose paths that may be harmful to us. To get off that path and onto a new road takes exploration and experimentation.

Changemaker believes that the change within a person involves the courage to see (insight) and the courage to act (action).

My main blog is Emotional Sobriety: Friends & Lovers. These are the posts about codependency from this blog.

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With Yourself

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Yourself in New Ways

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Accepting Less Than You Deserve

Some of my other blogs that may help you with your recovery journey:

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60% of everyone accesses information visually (from NLP) so I have created these Pinterest boards for recovery:

Kathy Berman’s Building a Life in Recovery

Kathy Berman’s Codependency Recovery

Kathy Berman’s Recovery

Kathy Berman’s Recovery Dating Forum

Kathy Berman’s Emotional Sobriety

Kathy’s Recovery Links

High Energy Life

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